Timmerman wooden floor

After installing a floor covered with varnish or oil, it is forbidden to wash the floor for 14 days, as the coating shall be completely crystallized in contact with air.

Timmerman wooden floor

During further operation it is required to keep temperature and humidity range in the room. Recommended humidity –45-60%, temperature – 18-24 ° In case of low humidity in the room (during the heating season), it is necessary to use a humidifier, in case of high humidity (in summer and autumn) –air conditioner or dehumidifier. Also, regular ventilation normalizes the humidity in the room. Failure to comply with these conditions leads to warping or cracking of the wood.

Timmerman wooden floor

Mechanical action of sharp objects and supports of furniture or footwear, as well as abrasives shall be avoided. It is recommended to stick special felt pads on the furniture legs, and to put special rugs under the furniture with castors.

Timmerman wooden floor

If you notice sand or dirt on the floor, try to remove them immediately with a soft brush or vacuum cleaner, as they can cause scratches. When working with a vacuum cleaner, use a nozzle with a soft end.

Timmerman wooden floor

If water, wine, coffee, alcohol and other liquids come into contact with wood, they shall be removed immediately using minimum amount of clean water, cloth and floor care products.

Timmerman wooden floor
  • Renewal and restoration of the color of the oiled floor is allowed only with the use of colored oils identical to the original color of the flooring.
  • Depending on the intensity of operation, it is obligatory to use floor care products (1 time in 6-12 months) for oil-based parquet.
  • During repair work, it is not recommended to cover white and bleached colors with cardboard for a long time! This can change the color!!!
  • Do not use dishwashing detergents, paint solvents, alcohol, petrol or other aggressive substances to clean the floor. The parquet floor shall be cleaned using onlyspecialized products, which are recommended by the oil manufacturer!
  • It is not allowed to use paint solvents, alcohol, gasoline, acetone and other aggressive substances tocleanvarnished surfaces. The parquet floor shall be cleaned using only specialized products and damp cloth.
Timmerman wooden floor

If the floor covering is significantly damaged, look for professional help.

Timmerman wooden floor

Make sure your pets’ claws are neatly trimmed and clean. Rugs and baskets in which pets sleep shall be isolated from the parquet board.

Timmerman wooden floor
  • It is important to note that changes in the color of the parquet board are not caused by yellowing of the varnish layer; this is a normal process of the wood color changing.
  • Avoid prolonged exposure of your parquet board to the direct sunlight, this can cause discoloration.

When operating the engineered floor on a heated base, i.e. as a “warm floor”, the following rules shall be observed:

    1. The base on which the engineered board is installed shall be dry and robust.
    2. Maximum temperature for this type of floor is 26 °C on the floor surface and the maximum water temperature in the heating system is 27 °C (in this case the room temperature will be about 22 °C).3. It is recommended to heat the floor gradually. After a long break in heating, it is recommended to start warming up with 20 °C, gradually increasing the temperature by 1 °C every day.

Increasing the humidity of the parquet and parquet board above normal level leads to the unpredictable consequences (deformation, peeling from the base and warping)!

Humidity Control

Parquet board is a natural product and has a natural ability to expand or contract depending on the changes in the ambient humidity. In winter, when houses are heated and the indoor air becomes dry, sometimes the humidity drops to 30% and below. Under such conditions parquet gives the moisture off excessively and, as a result, drying process can occur. Small gaps may appear between the slats. In spring, the dry indoor climate will change to humid and the cracks will close. This phenomenon is called seasonal change in size and is common to all species of wood. To eliminate this phenomenon, it is recommended to maintain a relative humidity of 45-55% for the solid parquet board throughout the year using special humidifiers and regular ventilation.

For the rooms with the large seasonal difference in humidity, we recommend the engineered parquet board. The multilayered design of the parquet board allows to keep the sizes of parquet blocks in the wider range of environmental humidity fluctuationof 40 -65%.

If there are any signs of moisture attack on the parquet (curvature of the board, excessive expansion, warping), try to eliminate the moisture sources as soon as possible. These can be awater pipe leakage, a terrace with accumulated water without a drainage system from the house or simply insufficient air exchange in the room. Usually, after removing the source of moisture, it takes some time for the moisture to evaporate from the parquet in natural way, and after that the distortion may become invisible.